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Woodland Well 24

Woodland, CA

Project Description

This project is located in a future city park within a planned unit residential development. Though utilitarian in nature, the City of Woodland requested that an emphasis on aesthetics for the structure was important, because of the visibility of the building within a city park.  The City of Woodland logo of the trees was incorporated onto the building to designate it as a city structure and reinforce its placement within the park.   The fencing surrounding the well facility has undulations that reference shrubbery, which gives dimension to the trees on the building. The Well Building was designed with a removable roof and removable acoustical louver panels, facilitating the ability to remove the pumps for maintenance and repair.  Although aesthetically pleasing, the structure was designed for low maintenance.  The project was managed by West Yost and Associates.

Project Details

  • Client West Yost Associates
  • Date March 11, 2015
  • Tags Industrial

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