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Natomas Pump Station

Natomas, CA

Project Description

This Lower Northwest Interceptor site is in the new suburban Natomas area of Sacramento, near the junction of Interstates 80 and 5 in Sacramento County. The site is surrounded by farm land, industrial, new residential and large retail. A rural character was desired by the local neighborhood association. Alternating bands of colored CMU help negate the 45 feet height and is replicated on all of the adjacent structures. Glazing and skylights are used throughout to illuminate the space naturally. The switchgear building, designed to a more human scale, has matching CMU colored bands, a clerestory among the full building length, a cupola for HVAC ventilation, and a clearly defined entry portico. Exposed trusses painted to match the window frames and metal doors, express a rural, industrial character.


    • Pump Buildings – 4,600 SF each, 93 SF total
    • Switchgear Building – 5,725 SF 
    • Standby Power Generation Building – 5,080 SF
    • Chemical Storage Building and other related improvements



Project Details

  • Date January 31, 2015
  • Tags Industrial

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