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E.A. Fairbarn Water Treatment Plant

Sacramento, CA

Project Description

This existing water treatment facility was expanded to double its capacity from 80 MGD to 160 MDG. The Filters and Filter Gallery structures were designed for minimal maintenance, incorporating the use of finishes that withstand the test of time, such as terrazzo floors.These structures were also designed with minimal mechanical and electrical requirements so that even though comfort was maintained the system was economical and virtually maintenance-free. This conservation concept was carried through the design of the structures with the inclusion of glazing only where critically required for visual facility operations, in order to maintain a more controlled environment. A colorful metal roof structure, a thematic element used at various locations on the site was implemented in this structure and provided continuous coverage for staff during inclement weather The Lime Building, prominently visible from the public and the adjacent Highway 50 corridor, continued the same motifs of colorful metal roofing and strategically located windows. The exterior CMU material was designed with various colors and textures to make a very tall narrow building more aesthetically interesting.


    • Filters and Filter Gallery 25,500 SF – 8 Filters
    • Lime Building – 2100 SF – 2 Storage Tanks


Project Details

  • Client City of Sacramento Utilities Department
  • Date January 31, 2015
  • Tags Industrial

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