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Bayside Groundwater

San Leandro, CA

Project Description

The facility will be capable of producing 2 MGD of treated water and injecting 1 MGD into the aquifer. The facility will utilize an existing well.The water treatment process will include greensand and chemical additions.

The chemicals, control room and maintenance facility will be an attractive CMU & cast concrete building featuring decorative CMU “wave” pattern and stained concrete elements, prominent and attractive logo signage, a colored metal roof with skylights for energy saving natural light.

The well head structure will also be CMU with a metal roof and a retractable skylight for pump removal and access.  The buildings are designed with the EBMUD logo through the use of colored and other featured CMU blocks.  The metal roof and other items will be painted with an architectural treatment and design.


Chemical Building – 1400 SF

Project Details

  • Client East Bay Municipal Utility District
  • Date January 31, 2015
  • Tags Industrial

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