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The City of Sacramento selected our firm in 2007 to provide model house plans for purchase by owners and developers in the Oak Park neighborhood, which is adjacent to the Curtis Park neighborhood. The program was created to streamline the process for development of high quality single family homes in this older historic neighborhood and redevelopment area. The plans designed by our firm met and exceeded the design standards of the Oak Park Design Review District as well as the City’s other targeted Infill and Redevelopment Areas. These permit-ready house plans were catered to lots that are difficult to develop due to their size constraints, approximately 40’ x 120’.  In its initial year we “sold” eight plans to private home owners and small developers.  In some cases they were very small lots and the plans needed to be revised to accommodate these even smaller lots.  Our relationship with the planning and design staff of the City of Sacramento facilitated this process.  Although the initial program did not require the plans to exceed title 24, we consciously designed them  with energy efficiency in mind and as a result exceed the standards.

House Plans

Piches Architecture created Plan A and Plan B. See Infill House Plans.
Cynthia Easton Architects created Plan C and Plan D.


  1. Accessor’s Parcel Number and Site Address (contact the Placer Title Company)
  2. Existing Easements, contact the City or County Planning Department
  3. Plan of your choice
  4. Alterations, if requested
Standard costs for the Cottage is $4000.
Standard costs for the Bungalow is $5500 (there are 3 options to choose from).

The standard package includes:

  • Architectural Plans (Cover, MCGBSC, Site Plan, Floor Plan, Roof Plan, Exterior Elevations, Sections, Lighting and Power Plans, and Interior Elevations)
  • Structural Plans (Foundation Plan, Shear wall Framing, Second Floor Framing, Roof Framing) and Calculations
  • Title 24 (CalGREEN Documentation and Energy Calculations)
  • Homewood Truss Designs

Package does not include printing.  Client will be invoiced separately.
Any reproduction of drawings or renderings without written consent is punishable by law.
Note: Sacramento County requires 5 permit sets, 3 for Planning and 2 for Design Review. City of Sacramento requires 3 permit sets, for Planning.

We understand clients want a better understanding of plans before making a purchase. We offer a preliminary package.

The preliminary package includes:

  • Architectural Plans (Site Plan, Floor Plan, Exterior Elevations)
  • Sample of Architect-Owner Contract Agreement

Note: These plans are 8.5″ x 11,” not to scale, and cannot be used for construction.
Any reproduction of drawings or renderings without written consent is punishable by law.

Certainly, but customization will vary on price.
Please stop by for a free hour consultation to discuss your needs.
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